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What we do
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The virtual platform RegalaleBitcoins seeks to fulfill a dual mission: to educate its users on fintech matters and encourage cryptocurrency holding. In this way, RegalaleBitcoins innovates the concept of praising loved ones through Bitcoin transfers. Without too many steps, the app generates a simple back-and-forth in crypto transactions. No virtual wallets and no exchange accounts; you can send and receive bitcoins from your card or MercadoPago.

The challenge

To get engagement between the application and its users so that people adopt the option of sending cryptocurrencies as a novel and fun gift. At the same time, the aim was to carry out financial education actions, generate inclusion and increase credibility about virtual currencies. We detected that RegalaleBitcoins stakeholders presented some distance from the crypto concept, so we designed a functional and visual prototype.

The solution

We created an MVP under the characteristics established by the two types of users: those who have previous knowledge and those who do not have fintech education. We finalized the work, developing a highly innovative and customized product.

Resumen del proyecto


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Create with usability (UX)

Behind intelligent solutions there is a whole preliminary exploration: knowing the multiple User Personas from their preferences, motivations and ways of interacting with the product.

Designing the interface (UI)

For visual communication to be integral, the task of bringing the user interface to life must be matched with the branding proposal. We create a visual inspired by values ​​such as freshness, innovation and joy.


We made a prototype that we used to make changes and improvements to the product design before launch, which can increase customer satisfaction and product success.

Landing page

The best way to offer a bonus to users is by attracting their attention with relevant information -Q&A and benefits-, through a Landing. As in other projects, we make test sketches of the site, to later digitize them and choose the most suitable one. The work culminated in the branding application.

Speaking of branding

Regalale Bitcoins was born to facilitate financial insertion within the crypto universe. His personality is enthusiastic and inclusive at the same time -hence the colors orange and purple-. Once the concepts were defined, a brand manual was delivered to the client: construction grid, typography, typographic weights, color palette, correct and incorrect uses and more.


We devise a content plan based on the commercial and communication objectives of the brand. Various proposals were raised thinking about personalized themes: financial education, cryptocurrencies, gifts with bitcoins, etc.

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