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What we do
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Fintech Sunday Money aims to offer online personal loans from any device. With a data verification system in between, the credit amount impacts the user's bank account in just a few minutes. Safe and fast transactions with the best rates in the market.

The challenge

Develop a rebranding proposal adding mission, vision, and values to the communication plan. The situational analysis reflected a marked discordance between the brand and its messages. For this reason, we conducted a baseline study to identify and enhance Sunday Money's most striking attributes.

The solution

We discovered that one of the strongest pillars of the brand was two attributes: on the one hand, speed in customer service and during transactions; on the other hand, accessibility to make the application for personal credit. As a result, we proceeded with the redesign, evaluating a new chromatic palette and a new brand concept without modifying the original name.

The result

Our work plan got highly positive results, showing widespread acceptance among strategic audiences. The messages were now much accurate. As a collateral effect of the strategy, the brand positioning also benefited.

Resumen del proyecto


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Carla Boga
Marketing Management @Sundaymoney
We had problems with organization and communication. It didn't flow one way. We went from not having an armed calendar to having it. We did not have total clarity, and we did not know for sure where to go, now with the re-branding, we are more focused. We could have a team to ourselves

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