Design Sprint

In just four days, you'll be able to solve complex problems and test new solutions.

What are the benefits of using a Design Sprint?

At the current rate of transition, we need the "right product" delivered on time, not just a "nice product." Design Sprints are the most effective way to decide if a product is worth making, if a certain function is worth it, and whether the value proposition is really valuable to our customer.

Don't put in months of effort; instead, put a week.

What you need is the correct procedure.

And if you have the best tools, the best equipment, and all the creativity in the world, if the process does not help you, all will get stuck. That's where we come in: we've fine-tuned our discovery, creation, and launch processes to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Map, Focus and Ideate.

We like to begin at the end by deciding on a long-term objective. By asking field experts to share what they know, we'll build a map of the challenge. We'll be happy to find an ambitious but achievable piece of the problem to tackle within the week as we arrive at the end of the day.

Select and Storyboard

We'll begin with a stack of solutions. We make the road to the best chance of achieving our market goals easier by critiquing and filtering solutions. For the remaining options, we'll build a storyboard outlining a step-by-step strategy for how our approach will be implemented.

Design, Build and Prototype

We'll start designing a practical prototype based on our storyboard that focuses on the customer-facing product. By completing this, we will be able to begin testing our clients' insights.

User Testing and Feedback

Our first moves provided us with two elements: a big challenge and a fantastic squad. Now we have a practical prototype of our promising solutions. We'll go a little further by interviewing actual consumers and learning about their reactions when they try out our prototype. That will enable us to determine exactly where we should go next in order to launch this product.

What you'll get from us is the following:

Workshop with a focus.

A full idea sketch.

Prototype with high fidelity.

Validation and suggestions from users.

Document that can be used.

We'll need the following information from you:

Project leader or decision-maker.

An Idea or a challenge to solve.

Your industry experts' group.

Two days of your time.

Other services

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