July 15, 2022

User interface design: 8 benefits to implementing in your business

We know that today the way of selling has changed, potential customer investigates the multiple options from their device and reaches your offer online.

The first thing he sees is the design, the images impact and attract if they are well studied and applied. When you have captured the customer's attention, you have a few seconds to catch him to read your sales proposal.

In order to attract customers and sell, it's necessary to have a good design interface.

Following the company analysis, with updated ideas, a system is created that integrates all the aspects that make up a great business as communication with your customers.

A well-applied user interface design contains the study of the user's tasks. Here the scenarios are created for the user, and the actions of the interface are defined. Because of that the navigation is pleasant and efficiently delivers your company's message.

The 8 benefits of having a good interface design:

1. Clarity in knowing who you are and what you offer

Knowing how to meet the expectations of your users is essential, before designing the platforms of your business you must have studied your potential customers, in a previous investigation (research).

If you know what your audience is looking for and likes you can create the interface without confusion and with a design that communicates your business, making it clear what you offer and what differentiates you from the competition.

Examples in the design of a graphic interface:

Respect consistency between design pieces, creating patterns with visual identity
Place accurate text on buttons with a link to direct the root for the potential customer
Introduce each element of the navigation menu and any other textual content to show an organized interface
Communicate messages concisely to make your proposal quickly and easy
The design must be at the service of the message and provide dynamism and visual clarity

2 - An impressive first impression

The first impression that the user has of your site is essential to their permanence on it.
A strategic content set, where the offers are not mixed or confused, impacts the first impression the visitor gets and his stay. The interface design allows the user to interact with the program and send commands to it so that it works intuitively.

3 - Positioning with SEO

A well-thought-out and conscious design will improve the position of your website on the internet. When a user takes more time on the web, it means that is easy for him to handle and read your content, so he stays on your site. And this is a benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps you to rank organically.

Search engines (such as Google and Youtube) establish a relationship between the time spent on a site and its relevance for the search to be fast and effective.

Keywords should be included in the design and text using SEO in a natural and well-studied way. It is achieved by searching on platforms such as Ubersuggest or Answer the Public, with the volume of searches.

As for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is like a tool to position between advertisements and paid ads.

4 - Ease of navigating your site and capturing your proposition

A user-centered interface makes users feel comfortable when navigating your site and makes it easy for them to do so without problems.

The idea is to put yourself in the place of first-time visitors; in this way, the user positions himself in a place of unfamiliarity and creates easy and intuitive navigation.

The graphic interface designer publishes on the web and other channels, landing the central idea of your business.
The messages that allow user-system communication are materialized and built.

An interface UI (User Interface) adapts to all interfaces. They're the visual user environments. They control the actions of the device and also receive the responses it sends. Interface design goes hand in hand with UX (user experience). These tools complement each other to optimize navigation.
So you can know if the interaction is adequate or not. And take actions to optimize each case.

5 - Direct communication with the user

Being accessible and humanizing your brand through contact with users generates a positive response and greater trust.

If people feel accompanied in the buying process and notice that you are willing to help them with their queries, you get a lot of visitors and customers.

Considering the user's way of interacting, a design is successful when it allows communication between your company and customers.

6 - User experience as a priority

A design that adapts to the device produces a better user experience and greater confidence in your business since you project a professional image.

Increased sales of products or services based on user experience (UX) have to do with better design. The design approach to the audience has never been as essential as it's today, even without being so aware of it.

It's essential to have adapted content about all types of users. So incorporating tutorials will make navigating your site a good experience for those who know and need help.

7 - Consistency in information and design

When you are consistent in the way you present your content and information, everything is well distributed, and you don't offer several things on the same page, you not only achieve a harmonious site, but also give a professional image.

With a coherent design, people move forward and go through your different pages, feeling that they are still in the same place and associate you with a particular style. This visual coherence is also related to textual coherence, thus creating a complete and clear message without confusion.

8 - Customer acquisition and loyalty

With the design of an interface where people can find what they are looking for easily, they navigate taking the time they need, and you make them want to continue entering and consulting your website.

Every day the competition on the Internet increases, so it's essential to keep customers satisfied. One of the fundamental tasks of your business is to create a positive user experience that customers feel cared for before requesting a quote, with lots of information that makes it clear what you offer; during the purchase process, with personalized interaction, and after buying.

If the interest of your company is to continue in contact and have a relationship with current customers, try to build trust to get a positive testimony, this helps to grow and attract more customers.

Remember that design interfaces are intuitive, modern, and practical.

Stay competitive in the market by making your visitors feel comfortable and find what they are looking for easily in your interface design so that more customers choose you over the competition.

Javier Stagnetto

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