We´re the technology guardians.

We present a proposal that breaks with the traditional schemes of any digital agency. We offer a personalized and multidimensional service for corporations, organizations, and startups -of all types and sizes- that are looking for a global technological transformation.

We´re multidimensional because we can manage organizational, operational, and commercial development for your company with experts in agile methodologies, web and mobile development, interface design, branding, and digital marketing.

Our expertise in offering a wide range of digital services led us to work for LATAM, the States and Spain.



Transform experience between companies and new technologies through our work as R&D+i (Research+Development+Innovation) facilitators.


Make Lab9 a benchmark technological innovation agency in Argentina and the world, focusing on people and the processes that involve them.


Transparency: We encourage honest conversations that matter.

Freedom: We´re empathetic by nature and like nothing better than doing things in our own disruptive and creative way.

Self-organization: Goodbye hierarchy, hello team. Unity is strength, and we know it.

Fun: We´re the best at what we do because we enjoy working, creating, and laughing with friends.

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Alejandro Jatib
Juan Sosa
UX Director
Javier Cirnigliaro
Creative Director
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Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, we are proud to be able to share with you each award and distinction received. Because they are not only a reason for joy, but they are also the testimony of the commitment towards excellence in the provision of digital services.

If there is something that drives us every day to continue improving and exploring the user experience, it is the generation of value in innovative solutions that travel beyond any border.

Award winners in the field of emerging innovation and B2B, Lab9 is a digital transformation company that has its feet on the ground and its eyes on infinity.

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