Coletti, the surname of the integrated real estate company

What we do
Desarrollo - UX UI - Flow de usuario - Prototipo
Coletti is an integrated professional services firm specializing in real estate with over 80 years of experience.

The challenge

Integrate the five different sites that the company had, optimizing the new website to simplify the navigation of the users. They've access to any information from the same place.

The solution

We unified the site into a single portal where you can find the different business models, emphasizing the prestigious projects presented by the company.

The result

They managed to consolidate their image as a company of relevance in the real estate sector, simplifying the communication with current and potential clients and streamlining the administration of their projects.

Resumen del proyecto


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Working with Usability (UX)

After having defined the User Flow of the buyer persona, we structured the visual model of the web with a focus on the company and copywriting projects.

Building the interface design (UI)

Based on a branding already created, we set out to define a design system with the layout of headlines and texts, which also contained the style guide adapted to the web -color palette, size and typographic weight.

Ezequiel Coletti
CEO @Coletti
We found a creative, motivated, and proactive agency. They can interpret our needs, always putting enthusiasm into the project. We had an excellent working experience.

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