March 18, 2022

Hubspot: One of the most comprehensive automation software

HubSpot is a software developer and marketer that offers sales, customer service, and marketing tools. Hubspot is the creator of the inbound methodology.

This methodology is slowly being introduced in Latin America but is already well developed in North America and Europe and is a new way of thinking about strategies to attract customers to your business.

Your sales team needs to understand the context in which your customer is and to identify the needs and problems they are looking to solve because as your business grows, you need a system that allows you to document and store all that information.

The situations we mentioned are perfect for addressing with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) since this tool allows you to organize and intelligently use all the information about your prospects and potential customers.

The inbound methodology applies to every department of your company and is referred to as the "inbound philosophy'', as it can apply even to our daily lives.

HubSpot offers a complete and easy-to-use CRM platform for implementation in your business.

What is the Hubspot story?

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah are the founders of HubSpot. In 2004 they founded the company because they noticed that the way consumers were buying was changing, that no one wanted to be invaded by commercials or advertisements, and from that observation, they developed this new methodology.

Since 2005, the year in which the company opened its doors, until today, they haven't stopped growing. In 2014 HubSpot launched its own CRM.

It's designed to work seamlessly with a company's sales department and is free with the basic version. If you require advanced integrations, you must pay a fee.

HubSpot is set on the inbound principle, which advocates the idea that people don't feel comfortable being invaded and chased by companies to buy their products or services and, to this day, continues to advocate that this is the right way to do business.

What is inbound?

As we all know, since marketing appeared, the audience received content that wasn't always interesting. That is called outbound marketing or the traditional way. But now, with this new era, inbound marketing forms connections for the customer by solving real problems.

Inbound is the philosophy on which HubSpot built its company. This philosophy adapts to business and is feasible to apply to different areas: for example, we've inbound marketing, inbound sales, and inbound operations, and each one adapts its tasks to this business methodology.

To understand an example of how we can apply inbound in a business, let's take a look at
how inbound marketing works, and the main area where HubSpot started to implement this methodology.

It relies on the principles of inbound and connects with marketing tasks, taking the customer as the center of a company's operations and understanding that they no longer want invasive content that forces them to buy by insistence.

Inbound marketing seeks to bring quality content to customers, bringing what they need and in the format they are looking for. Inbound marketing is a more human way of doing business that always seeks customer satisfaction.

Inbound strategies: Attraction - Interaction - Delight

This strategy aims to attract new and retain old and current customers.


Create relevant content such as blog articles, social media posts, tutorials, and emails with news and information that interests them.

To arouse interest in your customers through inbound marketing, optimize all content with an SEO strategy, which consists of associating phrases and keywords to your products or services and specifying how they can help your customers solve their problems and achieve their goals.

In this way, your content will systematically appear to the target audience you are looking for.


You've to focus on how the customer service team handles calls from prospects and prospects. Always sell a solution rather than a product.

The interaction will ensure that the deals you close represent real advantages for your customers, delivering value to ideal customers.


The delight strategy of inbound marketing aims to ensure that the customer feels satisfied, happy, and at ease after making a purchase.

Your sales team acts as advisors and consultants even in after-sales. Tools like online chats, surveys, and social media allow to stay in touch with the customer and build trust, ensuring a great shopping experience.
After the global impact of the pandemic, the world is mutating to a new way of doing business and a new way of socializing, which large companies could take into account if they want to grow in the new era.

Incorporating new technologies with a human approach to doing business and keeping in mind the satisfaction of employees and customers are the keys to companies that, even with the pandemic, have still grown. HubSpot is one such example.

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