Tortuga Music Festival

The party of the oceans: an eco-friendly music initiative

What we do
Tortuga Music Festival is an outdoor event held annually in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. The three-day festival brings country, rock, pop, and electronic music lovers to the seashore to raise funds for the Rock The Ocean Foundation. It's a unique experience that mixes the best music and a commitment to ocean preservation and innovative research in the States, Bahamas, South Africa, and Asia.

The challenge

The company has extensive experience with events throughout the USA. The challenge involved achieving a highly customized and adaptable website that allows the creation of multiple versions of the website depending on the festival.

The solution

We decided to develop a 100% customized scheme using featured plugins for WordPress. This way, we got the specific adaptation of the widgets we needed for each content element.

The result

In a little more than a month, working with the base of the first site, they could finish another website for another festival, beating the average with a saving of 80% of the time. Thanks to the mix of a base implementation and the widget set, we could successfully create websites for three independent festivals.

Resumen del proyecto


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