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What we do
EDET S.A is an electricity distribution and commercialization company in the province of Tucumán, Argentina. Its business model is committed to promoting a good quality of life and productive development, through solutions based on technology and innovation. They currently have distribution networks of 15,600 km, a power of 1,348 MVA -megavoltampere- and 8,600 transformer substations.

The challenge

At the national level, the national regulatory entities require reports on the measurements of the quality of service and the company had to present the required documentation on time, to avoid unnecessary sanctions. Until then, EDET had a deficient management system that generated delays and over-processing of information. In general terms, the great challenges consisted of optimizing online reports with daily alarms, improving measurement processing, integrating process modules -Technical Product, Force Majeure, Technical Service, Technical Product Complaints, Campaign Measurements and Fixed Points-.

The solution

We promote the dictation of a themed workshop in Design Sprint. There we fixed the weak points about the software that had been used with the Problem Framing methodology, to then rethink the necessary modifications and thus improve the overall process. We contextualize the plan by consulting experts on "How Could We" -How Might We-, to transform problems into opportunities. The guiding goal established the development of a comprehensive and friendly online system to manage technical products and evaluate tasks according to customer satisfaction and optimal investments. That's why we invite collaborators to give their opinion on design questions and then create a primitive map on the customer journey. The first sketches that began to come to light entered the voting stage. The result? A combination between two proposals that served to start working on the prototype. Once this is finished, we move on to the testing phase, discovering missing functionalities and attributes to improve. Reason for which we decided to undertake one more iteration in order to further refine the project created.

The result

Starting with the new MVP, we verified that the information flow successfully completed its journey, through the generation of reports and incident management. Thanks to this new change, the great benefits include, on the one hand, the delivery of reports in a timely manner, and on the other, the increase in response capacity to clients by 30%.

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