Giarratana Development

34 ultramodern floors that treasure the cosmopolitan spirit in Nashville

What we do
The Alcove Giarratana residential building is part of just one of the many real estate projects being developed by the construction company Giarratana Development. Located at 900 Church Street, Nashville (Tennessee-USA), this mega plan has 34 levels and is 127 meters high.

The challenge

With contemporary inspiration, freshness and sophistication are present in the interior of each apartment. Guaranteed solar lighting with floor-to-ceiling windows and two extraordinary swimming pools on the terrace are just a small sample of this great real estate dream. Since the construction of the building began in 2022, it was almost impossible to show this megaproject to those interested, much less to visit its facilities. Like any new and profitable project, the idea was to conquer potential clients and close deals with them as soon as possible.

The solution

Having understood our client's business needs, we devised a proposition based on software technology: 3D virtual tours. We developed a website to make it possible to explore each of the apartments and their environments as if they were already finished. Using a virtual joystick, customers can see what the entrance, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms of their future home would be like. An interactive experience that, in addition to offering an ultra-realistic visualization, provides access to the structural plan documents for each home from any laptop or smartphone.

The result

After the activation of our solution, the positive responses did not wait. With a platform ready to display the completed project, sales attempts were successful before construction of the Alcove Giarratana was completed. Commercial inquiries about the building and its apartments increased by 400%, while reservations and closings had an increase of 70%.

Resumen del proyecto


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