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Indiana 's the official dealership of the French manufacturer in Tucumán (Argentina). Its experience in the automotive sector have shaped a corporate image based on trust and kindness. Indiana has three services: 0KM car sales, used car sales, and an exclusive after-sales workshop.

The challenge

We had two main objectives: to build customer loyalty in Indiana after sales and increase sales within the service, and to understand the behavior and needs of customers involved in studying audiences.

The solution

We develop a 3-stage annual marketing plan: short, medium, and long term. In it, we prioritized, in addition to other objectives, the concept of presenting the Indiana Garage as a premium service aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers. We implemented this plan by creating advertising campaigns.

The result

At the end of the year, we met 100% of the objectives, having positive effects, with interactions between Indiana and its stakeholders.

Resumen del proyecto


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Martin Carrapizo
Front Desk Manager @Indiana
Faced with a disorganization that we suffered and without the possibility of making ourselves visible, an important organization was achieved, an increase in leads, growth in customer income. We highly emphasize the speed and agility they drive.

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