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What we do
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Petersburg is a burger store that solves culinary indecisions with door-to-door service: there are traditional and vegetarian ones too. It's a power pack: burger, side in case you're left hungry, and drink.

The challenge

Creating an impactful and memorable brand for new consumers and install a new concept of hamburgers in the market.

The solution

We worked on a comprehensive marketing plan and second-level branding strategies to promote the new brand from social networks. At the same time, we devised customized concepts for each type of hamburger to achieve a touch of originality that would generate driving brand awareness.

The result

Petersburg reaped more than 10K followers in their social networks, adding growth in daily interactions. Brand consolidation was achieved, reflected in positive reviews left by its customers, thus standing out from the competition. It aims to be one of the best hamburger stores in its city (Tucumán, Argentina).

Resumen del proyecto


Crear identidad visual, estrategia de marketing y todo lo necesario para salir al mercado.


40 días (Branding) - 16 meses (Social media)


1 Director Creativo - 2 Diseñadores - 1 Community Manager - 1 Analista de Marketing - 1 Fotógrafo - 1 Camarógrafo

Let's talk about the brand

Petersburg is a brand of hamburgers with its own stamp: a menu with endless varieties for the most demanding customers. With a restless spirit, Petersburg renews its gastronomic proposal to continue discovering new and better flavors. Your burger community? satisfied.


A love at first sight is something that is never forgotten. We tried to put together a good backup of photographic and audiovisual material to launch the Petersburg communication plan. Between sessions, clever ideas and shared laughs were the best ingredients on the menu.

The result

Lights Camera action! Part of the creative process included an inspirational moodboard to guide our shots. This is how we managed to obtain an exquisite material, highlighting the product from all its perspectives: color tone, scenery, lighting and more.

Our community

We know that Petersburg's strategic audience is as unique as each of its products. We make the experience unique: for each burger, an inimitable visual proposal.


Its chameleonic quality says present. Nothing stops her when it comes to adapting to the magic of the moment: because there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, and Petersburg burgers too.

Burger, friends and happiness

Capturing the good times can be a bit intimidating, especially when there are burger joints involved. Since magic exists, we did this crazy photo session.

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