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Marca Visual - Branding - Desarrollo - UX UI - Prototipo - Testeo con Usuarios
Sharyco came to revolutionize the employee experience through a corporate app that rewards employees for performing sustainable and supportive actions. The objective is to promote citizen inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with companies and governments.

The challenge

Design and build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) enough to start testing on customers, validating the idea and the market.

The solution

We developed a set of web apps in various web technologies for users to share products, services, and favors. This app allows participation in local initiatives with NGOs and performs sustainable actions. In addition, companies will be able to upload their awards and define the conditions under which their employees will be able to access them, together with the benefits that the platform provides through partnerships with sustainable brands. Administration and configuration dashboards included for companies, brands, and NGOs.

The result

After having tested the MVP through interviews with real users, the app has launched among a select group of companies. They've been using the product with great results, achieving the active participation of more than 50% of the users, having generated hundreds of sustainable activities and increasing the interest of the users in sustainable issues.

Resumen del proyecto


Identidad visual, página web, conjunto de aplicaciones para empresas, usuarios finales, marcas y ONGs.


1,5 años.


4 Desarrolladores - 2 Diseñadores UX/ UI - 1 Diseñador Gráfico.


Zero zone: Investigation

To create effective apps, it is not enough just to develop them. For this reason, we worked on the definition of several User Personas for SharyCo, seeking to interpret their behavior patterns and particular interaction with the product.

Creative explosion

Once the research phase is over, we continue with the manual sketches in which we try to capture multiple solutions.

From these drawings we make the structural comparisons, and then continue with the design of the User Flow.

Incorporating usability (UX)

With a concrete sketch in hand, the next step was its digital conversion. This was very useful to represent the passages of the actual visualization together with the actions to be executed. In addition, it facilitated the presentation of an MVP -Minimum Viable Product- to the client, managing to show the different profiles: User, Admin and SuperAdmin.

Interface design (UI)

We know that visual communication is an essential pillar of any brand. With a fine-tuned branding project, we put together a design system to systematize our work in the app. Brand, color palette, typography, font weights and versions… CHECK!

Validating ideas

Counting on the necessary resources, we began the prototyping process of the product. There we tested the functional and graphic proposals of the application, controlling the impact and operation of each one of them.


In order to check how practical the final result of the app was, we applied testing tests with people. In this way, we can not only verify correct operation in real time, but also the alignment between the design and the behavior patterns of each user.

Creating the landing page

As a proposal attached to the mobile app, we designed the landing page for SharyCo. Capturing the needs of each User Person -Traditional User, Companies, NGOs and allied Brands-, we reflect on the landing the benefits of using the app, as well as the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle.


The brand concept for SharyCo conveys the idea of ​​a life in balance with society and the environment. Hence the notion of "sharing" has become the axis of strategies. We prepared a brand manual that integrated the construction grid, fonts, color palette, system, versions, correct and incorrect uses, and more.

Sabrina Gans
CEO, Founder @Sharyco
At Lab9 we were able to find all the tools and services we needed in one place. It was very easy to work with you because of the experience and agility with which you perform in each area.

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