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Refinor is governed as the only refinery in northern Argentina that processes crude oil and natural gas. It plays a fundamental role in the comprehensive oil and gas business in its region with a processing capacity of 4,000 m3 per day of crude oil and 20.35 million m3 per day of gas. Its main activities include oil refining, gas industrialization, product transportation, marketing and sales.

The challenge

The absence of an integrated management platform was generating certain imbalances in terms of administrative operations, tasks in purchasing areas, inefficiency in control of agreements with suppliers due to lack of information, every month. Until then, management was centralized in control sheets that helped define and estimate the monthly provision of inputs and financial resources.

The solution

After having analyzed the case and having determined the need to develop a product, we set out to design and prototype software capable of generating and controlling price agreements, along with the receipt of merchandise and its association with the agreements. In addition to providing the possibility of generating monthly provisions, invoices, JDE software receipts, final control of executed agreements, quantity of products and prices.

The result

The implementation of the new software had a highly positive impact, taking into account that we verified the reduction in manual work on spreadsheets and the rapid execution of agreements and controls before completing the provisions. We also observed a 50% decrease in the time taken to close monthly provisions, which made it possible to detect and/or avoid deviations within each project in advance.

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