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Idear's an architecture studio specializing in the projection, execution, and direction of exclusive works. Their cover letter shows sophistication, creativity, and efficiency, both in the design and functionality of their projects: single-family homes and buildings.

The challenge

To position the brand as top of mind within its most select stakeholders and develop a solid and permanent community. The main objectives were to inform about the studio's most recent projects and create a closer link between the internal team and its clients.

The solution

When it comes to architecture and design, visual material cannot be missing. We started our work plan with two fundamental pillars: the planning of customized content and High Quality (HQ) exterior/interior audiovisual productions. The support of audiovisual material also allowed us to think about the layout of advertising guidelines to attract new clients.

The result

The advertising campaigns achieved a significant reach among their target audiences, converting potential clients into effective ones. Idear has doubled the number of ongoing projects, adding work in the pipeline.

Resumen del proyecto


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A mark of excellence

With an artisan spirit, Idear is an architecture studio specialized in the design of premium spaces. His commitment -reflected in audiovisual productions- lies in approaching each creative project from responsibility, creativity, flexibility and efficiency.

Session A1

The "Casa F1" investment prototype consists of the projection of a High Quality evolutionary home for a future expansion on the top floor. Under the Idear seal, a cozy and elegant design was achieved that exalts the fusion of material elements and nature -concrete, dark greys, natural wood and vegetation-.

F1 session

The concrete and wood façade with natural treatment brings warmth to the design and a balanced contrast of styles. Likewise, the vegetation of the surrounding garden becomes the protagonist of a personality that plays with its own freshness and the solidity of the microcement.

LP session

Traditionally inspired, a design of spaces rich in amplitude and lighting was achieved. The brick and microcement finish, together with the details made of natural wood, define the warm and familiar identity of this home.

Franco Calleri
We loved the contribution of new ideas, the aesthetics with which we worked, the availability and good treatment at all times by the LAB9 team.

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