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Innos is a business innovation at its best. It's a digital platform that unifies three fundamental roles of the medical network: patients, medical professionals, and pharmacies. It's an application that wants to facilitate connections between profiles through intuitive and fast solutions.

The challenge

First, we defined profiles, so the next task was to analyze and establish the specific requirements of each one. Generating an intuitive user interface (UI) for each person was indispensable.

The solution

After researching each type of user, we implemented customized parameters along with their functionalities. After that, we tested the prototype with users to detect bugs or failures before launching the final product.

The result

The platform had a highly positive reception from medical professionals, who found fertile ground for their work. In addition, in the case of patients, this implied a considerable advance in the self-management of healthcare services.

Resumen del proyecto


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Talking about usability (UX)

The first step of any project that involves UX involves researching and sketching. The first manual sketches were digitized for the initial presentation of the proposal from its three profiles -Doctor, Patient and Pharmacy-. We also graphically address the User Flow -user route to complete a task- of each figure and the interactions between them.

A custom interface (UI) design

The research not only serves to understand the behavior of users -doctors and pharmacists- but also to understand their visual language. With previous branding work, we define the appropriate color palette, as well as the ideal typographic sizes and weights to achieve effective visual communication.


That is why we created a prototype capable of showing the visualization within a real environment, the routes between sections and user interactions.

Landing page

We developed a landing page -simple web page that seeks to convert prospects- to provide useful information to Innos users: operation of the app, list of benefits and information of interest for each of the profiles -Doctor, Patient and Pharmacy.

Creating a landing page

To optimize the landing page, the definition of the operation and visualization of the established services and profiles -Doctor, Patient and Pharmacy- was defined. The following advances incorporated the digitization of these definitions and the comprehensive application of the branding strategy.

Brand process

Innos is synonymous with health, connection and innovation. We designed the graphic symbol inspired by the integration of different profiles in health services.

The figure of the stethoscope seeks to communicate the efficient interaction between patient-doctor-pharmacies.

The work ended with the delivery of a brand manual: construction grid, typography, custom color palette, system, versions, correct and incorrect uses, and more.

Social media

Building a community of well-being and health was the premise from social networks. The Innos content grid was designed to provide relevant information to users. From benefits in the app to tech trends in health.

Joaquín Azancot
CEO @Innos
At LAB9 I was able to find a comprehensive team that can be from start to finish in a technological project that ranges from user experience, design, marketing and development. I highly value trust and both human and professional relationships.

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