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Mundo Mascota is a veterinary clinic integrated by professionals specialized in surgery and clinical care. In this place, our furry friends have access to a preferential service in terms of health and care: veterinary consultation, surgery, diagnostic imaging, castrations, vaccinations, hairdressing, and ambulatory transfers. As if that weren't enough, Mundo Mascota incorporates a pet shop where you can find the best variety of products: balanced food for dogs and cats, hygiene items, toys, and much more!

The challenge

Generate a brand value that gives authority, identification, and trustworthiness among its stakeholders. The positioning plan involved the creation of comms strategies on social networks to show different services and personalized attention: behind the scenes of veterinary consultations and surgeries.

The solution

The comms proposal was to establish strategic issues such as the right tone, advertising guidelines, type of content, frequency of publications, and category of posts, among others.

The result

Objective achieved! Not only because we're able to create a solid community through constant interaction with Mundo Mascota's content but also because the number of followers increased organically. As an extra fact, we're able to detect that the contents related to the care of the furry ones and ways to avoid diseases in them were the ones that generated the highest engagement.

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