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When diversity is cause for inclusion and overcoming

What we do
Marca Visual - Branding
Puerto Soñar is a Therapeutic Educational Center (CET) focused on clinical care and educational support for children between 6 and 14 with some motor, sensory and mental disabilities. Each patient's approach is adapted to help them engage in interactive environments and personal activities of daily living: hygiene, feeding, communication, and play.

The challenge

The main goal consisted of developing a recognizable and high-impact brand for Puerto Soñar's target audiences, taking as a starting point the idea of a message transmission with a fresh, young, and fun tone of voice.

The solution

The work plan involved a previous marketing analysis. We concluded that the name 'Puerto Soñar' would be a fundamental pillar in branding development. The result was reflected in the design of a symbol for the brand (similar to a seal) to enhance recognition among its clients and highlight the institutional values: inclusion, personalized attention, professionalism, family, company, and motivation.

The result

The implementation of the communication strategies showed high levels of acceptance, having quickly welcomed by the children and teenangers who attend the center.

Resumen del proyecto


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Veronica Barthaburu
Legal Representative @Puertosoñar
They made it easier for us to build our brand identity, which was very important to us. We liked the organization of the work team and the timely fulfillment of the established objectives.

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